Friday, 19 February 2016

5 New Beauty Favourites


I was very excited to receive his as a Christmas gift as I had actually been wanting to get a tester of it after running out of my beloved Marc Jacobs Daisy. I was surprised that I actually prefer this scent to Daisy as I find it is much more fresh and floral, so I think this will be the perfect scent for the Spring/Summer season.


I was looking for a new brow product after I ran out of my Benefit Gimme Brow and so I decided to try out this Rimmel brow pencil that I had read amazing reviews about. I have never really been a fan of overly done, filled in eyebrows so I wanted a product that looked fairly natural and the brush supplied with the product helps to achieve exactly that.



This was also a wonderful Christmas gift I received that I had been longing after for months. I was sceptical about naked palettes at first as I wasn't sure whether they would meet my expectations however after reading  on many of my favourite beauty blogs say how amazing they were for months, I started to consider trying one of the palettes and when I saw the smoky palette I fell in love. Now that I actually own the palette, I can safely say it has exceeded all my expectations; I love all of the shades and the pigmentation is amazing. I will definitely be adding the 1, 2 and 3 palettes to my collection soon.


I have recently grown quite bored of my nude lipsticks and as I have never really been that adventurous with lipstick colours, I wasn't sure which colours would suit me. I went on a visit to MAC and eventually decided on this gorgeous pink shade called 'Please Me'. This shade is a lot brighter than what I am used to and I also wouldn't usually choose a matte finish lipstick, however I think it will be perfect for a summer makeup look.

I heard about KIKO Cosmetics quite a while ago however I never got around to ordering any products off their website as I did not live near any of their stores in the UK. However when they opened a store in Manchester, I got very excited and had a little spree! This is my favourite product of theirs that they have tried so far; the creamy stick blush. I have never really been a fan of creamy blushers as I find that they always look too pigmented and harsh against my skin tone compared to powder blushers, however this shade and the formula of the blush are perfect for my skin and create a natural, healthy glow with a touch of shimmer. The formula makes this blush incredibly easy to blend into the skin and is definitely the most long wearing blush I have ever tried.
What are your beauty favourites right now?
Kathryn x

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