Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Essie Master Plan - Spring/Summer Nails

In the transition from winter to spring, I've been searching Boots and Superdrug for the perfect nail colour. Usually in spring, I would choose pastel colours like baby blue or lilac, but after testing several pastel shades that I already own, I have realised that I have become very tired of them. However when I came across Essie's 'Master Plan' all my problems were solved. It is a perfect muted grey shade that goes so well with every outfit and any jewellery. One of my issues with pastel coloured nails is that I think they look odd with clothes that don't match, and you can't always dress accordingly to your nails!
I like to do a little manicure when I do them as I often bite them and so they need to be looked after. Firstly, I file my nails using this Soap & Glory Nail File that I received in their 'Nail Call' giftset at Christmas. (From here: I then buff my nails using a Nails Inc buffer that was also from a gift set.
Once my nails are shaped, I apply Soap & Glory's Scrub + Happiness Dry Hand Smoothing Scrub which was also part of the Nail Call gift set, followed by Ciate's 'Love Me Oil' as my cuticles are quite damaged. (Available here:

After this, I apply one coat of Essie's Master Plan (Available here:, and then a top layer of Rimmel 60 Second Clear Nail Polish (Available here: to ensure that my nails don't chip.

I then finish my nail routine using Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream (Available here: which makes my hands much softer and smells divine too.

What's your favourite nail shade this spring?
Let me know in the comments x